The neighborhood

We are really enjoying our neighborhood for several reasons….

  1. Our neighbors are awesome. All of them. The ones across the street lent us their clippers & electric trimmer, the ones next door brought us a goodie back of local foods (they know me so well already!), and the ones kitty corner (or catty corner if you’re saying it in Texas-speak) brought us a bouquet of flowers. They’ve all been really friendly and welcoming. Oh, and of course our neighbors/colleagues down the street have been amazing since day one. But y’all have already heard about how we’ve put them through manual labor etc. šŸ™‚
  2. It is gorgeous around here…hilly, lush, green, large trees šŸ™‚ Perfect for a run… well, actually, it’s a killer run, but a great workout! I find myself walking a lot more around here. It’s tough to handle all of the hills! The neighborhood is very established and the trees hang over the road to some extent. It very much feels like we’re driving around in northern Wisconsin. Oh, and then there are the apple trees in our back yard. We have four of them… three which are really producing a lot of apples. Most posts to come on that for sure!
  3. We see wildlife in abundance. No joke. We have gorgeous birds around here including blue jays and cardinals. I see them daily. We also have deer that visit us at 7pm sharp every night. What can I say, they like the apple trees too. Yesterday, we actually saw a deer stand up on it’s hind legs and grab and apple right off of a taller branch on the tree. CRAZY!
  4. It is really peaceful. We can just sit out on our back porch and take in the quietness of it all. Save an occasional lawnmower noises, it’s really serene around here.


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4 responses to “The neighborhood

  1. Mom

    Do you have bird feeders? We found that safflower seed attracts the more desirable birds and squirrels don’t like it.

  2. rottenwithimages

    Glad you are loving your neighborhood! It seems very peaceful šŸ™‚

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