Sleep Deprivation & Aging

Is it just me, or is it harder to pull off the “I didn’t sleep (at all/much) last night” look when you get older?
I used to be able to pull all nighters in college and not miss a beat. Steve and I would stay up writing/reading/working at this coffee shop in Milwaukee called Mocha. Still one of my favorite spots in the city. It had this fabulous fireplace that just made you feel cozy & warm inside. But I digress… Back to sleep deprivation. My body used to be fine with it. I was always a bit tired on day 2, but nothing to write home about. Mostly I just had a heftier appetite! I read somewhere that when the body is tired it produces more of the hormone that makes you want to eat… I’m guessing it’s true b/c I’m often starving when I get little to no sleep.
Needless to say, I feel like the older I get, the less able I am to pull of the “sleepless look.” The bags under the eyes are hard to disguise. Steve tells me I look beautiful, but that’s his job as a husband to encourage and love me ☺ I’m not sure he’s telling the entire truth!!
Hmmm… maybe that’s why people used to have babies in their teens… b/c back then they knew better! They realized that as we age we don’t do as well with sleep deprivation.


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One response to “Sleep Deprivation & Aging

  1. jen

    pretty sure i could never pull it off. i’ve always needed as much sleep as possible!

    btw-your living room looks awesome. the whole house is looking so good. so happy for you guys.

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