Exterior of the home B&A

Update 5?? I think it’s five now!

We’ve drastically altered the outside of our home since we first purchased it.

The picture below was clearly taken in the winter… February probably.

Brown garage door… ugh. This is now white πŸ™‚ but I don’t have a pic of it just yet!I kind of liked these privacy screens…but Steve (and the in laws) were not big fans. AND…I have to admit, I started to paint them & it was quite a pain in the tush. So I gave up and we’ve since pulled them out.

The shutters used to be this brown color~ and the base of the house (the cement block) used to be white as you see below.Β  Oh… we also painted the redish/brown deck a brown color but I don’t have pictures of that just yet!

Here is a picture of the cement block with the new cream/tan color (instead of the stark white that it was previously).We LOVE it… (still need to put the shutters back up on the side of the house though :)) The new color goes all the way around the back.

Outside of the house before…. It was quaint, but a bit 1970s looking. Which makes sense since that’s what is.

Steve’s mom and Don came down to visit (and they brought us a uhaul full of stuff!!!) We did most of the work on the outside while they were here πŸ™‚ but before they arrived we took down the shutters and ran into some unfortunate guests.

WASPS. ugh. Not so fun. When I first started to take the shutters down I had about 15 wasps fly out at me. It was not a pleasant experience for myself or Steve. I screamed (probably VERY Shrilly!!!) and went running across the yard away from the wasps. Yes, I am a chicken. Anyway, after that we proceeded to drive to the local walmart & pick up FOUR cans of wasp spray. Yep, 4 and we used them all.

Dead wasp as evidence. Black, creepy, scary wasps.

We knocked out TONS of wasps nests (both live and abandoned) from the shutters. Steve and I got a system down. He would hit the shutter with the back of the drill. Then I would spray the wasps like mad as they came flying out. They would drop dead on the ground. Then we would take all of the screws (except one) out of the shutters… then as he removed the last one, he would toss the shutter and we would both RUN. Sometimes bees would come flying out… sometimes they wouldn’t. But we didn’t want to stick around to find out!!

After all was said and done, we had at least 100 wasps nests that we shoveled into the garbage can. After they had been SOAKED in wasp killer, mind you πŸ™‚

After we had escaped the wrath of the wasps… we were able to successfully paint all of the shutters WHITE! (with the help of the in laws of course).

We also painted the brick the gray/slate color you see below. This step was SUPPOSE to be step one of many…

The original plan was to seal the brick by painting it all one color. But I was insistent that I wanted to maintain the “brick look & feel” so I made Steve promise to help me paint individual bricks later.

He promised.

So we started out painting the brick this solid color below.

And… this is what it looked like! Steve really liked it this way, but I was dead set that I wanted the bricks to look… well, brick-ish! So we went to work.

We started painting the bricks multiple colors… trying to get the same effect as the neighbors (newer) houses across the street.

I think it would have worked, IF the roof was a gray color… unfortunately, it’s red~ which pretty much made the brick look old again! It was exactly the look we were trying to avoid. So… we took a quick snap shot to document our SEVEN hours of detail work…

And painted back over the brick with the solid color. You can see on the right hand side of this picture that we also tried a solid cream…. too much cream!

All of this work = a Bleh feeling!!! But I suppose that we needed to do the work in order to know what wasn’t going to work!!

But I felt like I earned the right to make a quick pouty face anyway πŸ™‚

So in the end, we’re back to the solid color again πŸ™‚ It was the best compromise that seemed to work with the red-ish roof. I like it A LOT better with the white garage door. I’ll take a pic of that soon & post it too!



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2 responses to “Exterior of the home B&A

  1. Carey

    Everything looks so great, guys! You should be very proud of all your hard work. Amazing!

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