Main Bathroom B&A

So it’s been over a month since I last blogged about the house. Sorry y’all, time just totally slipped away from me! This post features my favorite update in the house, the bathroom! I really think we (ehm ehm, Stevo) did a fantastic job making this bathroom new! As you can see, it started out with this Bobcat green counter top. I mean… seriously, who puts a green counter top in a house!?! Oh, and gorgeous brass & shiny silver hardware/fixtures…

Flower wall paper. This WHOLE room was wallpapered. I’ve never ever understood WHY people wall paper bathrooms. It’s just confusing to me. B/c STEAM removes wallpaper from walls … and what do showers do? STEAM up the room.

Oh so pretty… um… yeah.

Check out the two-tone faucet.

And lovely brassy light fixture.  Can you see the wall paper starting to peel?

Just lovely

So Steve went to work with the steamer in hand.

It was quite a process, but he eventually got all of the wall paper off of the walls!

And the results were amazing….

Steve replaced the counter top (new granite from Lowes in stock), fixtures, hardware (and even the plumbing below the sink!)

This whole motif was inspired by that toilet paper roll holder you see in this pic. The old owners left it … and we liked it! So we decided to purchase all of the hardware to match 🙂

Pretty handy work on Stevo’s part! Isn’t the hardware SOO much better than the old “two-toned” gold & silver 🙂

We even got new light & outlet plates 😉 and new towel holders.

This room was by far my favorite remake… followed closely by the master bedroom of course!

So that’s it! We’re definitely done with the home “renos” for right now!!! Hope you enjoyed the slew of photos. Sorry it took so long to put up the last two room!



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3 responses to “Main Bathroom B&A

  1. Mom

    Very nice job on the bathroom! I want to come and see it.

  2. Lessa

    The old bathroom was made for me! I love green but maybe not so much. You and Steve did an awesome job! It looks so modern and sleek!!

  3. jen

    this is my favorite transformation so far 🙂 completely different. good job friends!

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