I just love attending conferences. I am pretty sure that this makes me a nerd…. but whatever. I’m pretty much a self-proclaimed nerd anyway!

Last weekend I was able to attend the Organizational Communication Mini Conference (OCMC). It was a blast to see so many old friends & meet several new ones. Conferences always inspire me to do better…to do more.

Here’s a pic taken with all of the former (and current) Longhorns 🙂 I really miss these folks!

It’s so awesome to have a profession where you can move on to a totally different state and still count on seeing your friends at least once or twice a year. Worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears I had to endure to get here!


Note. The drive to GET to NJ was not so fun… 9 hours in the car with 10 other folks. We did pretty darn well, but that much time with anyone (other than my sweetie pie) is tough! Glad to have gone & enjoyed, but also glad to be H.O.M.E.



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