Searching for Food Inspiration…

I don’t know what my deal is, but I can not seem to come up with creative, simple food options lately.

Oh, and healthy!!  I can easily come up with quick unhealthy meals, but throw that word “health” in there and I’m lost.

I’ve got to do better. Let me know if you have any inspiration suggestions! (or dinner suggestions for that matter!)



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6 responses to “Searching for Food Inspiration…

  1. jen

    this looks really good. not sure it’s a good “dinner” choice or how healthy it is..but it looks tasty 🙂

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  3. Morgan

    Brittany! I am glad you got out of the bedroom 🙂

    try these:

    or this:

    We had the first one last night and will have the second one tonight. Why do I have so much ground meat?

  4. Mom

    Soups can be made quite quickly and can be healthy. When you come back from grocery shopping, peel and cut -up your fresh veggies right away. Then they’ll be ready for snacking, putting in soups, or roasting for Roasted Rustic Salad. Also salads are a good quick choice. Make some taco meat to make tacos or burritos, and save some to put on lettuce with “fixin’s” and have a taco salad. I also like Hummus on rice cakes for a quick lunch.

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