Loosing my mind…

I just made pumpkin muffins WITHOUT the pumpkin. Yep.

I got the flour, sugar, oil, eggs, spices, and even the dates. But no pumpkin. What is wrong with me!? 🙂

I realized it about 4.5 min into the baking time so I decided to pull them out, scrap the mixture out of the muffin tin & mix in the pumpkin. The muffins are still in the oven… so we’ll see how they turn out. Could be an epic fail.

In other news~ last night was Trick-or-Treating in Athens & we didn’t get ANY kiddos. Sad 😦 We’re kind of between two different neighborhoods so I guess folks just don’t want to take the time to turn the corner. The trick-or-treating here only lasts an hour (5:30-6:30). So afterward, we headed over to a friend’s house in a nearby town (Albany) to help them finish off the trick-or-treating hour (6-7pm). We turned down the road to their house & kiddos galore! Made my day. At least I got to see some sweet little squirts in their adorable costumes! We drank wassail (YUM) and enjoyed a bowl of hot chili. It was glorious.

This weekend is Halloween in Athens~ which~ from what I hear is CRAZY. Steve and I are considering venturing out to just “see the show” for an hour or so tomorrow night… not sure if we’ll be brave enough, but we’ll see! Tomorrow we’ll be cheering on the other “BIG RED” team~ Nebraska as they can hopefully squash Mizzou.

My muffins just beeped… time to see if this batch was a total loss…. 🙂


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