For the first time in 4 years…

…we turned the heat on.

Wait, you ask, does that mean you NEVER turned the heat on the ENTIRE time you lived in Texas. You are correct my friends 🙂 Never. Not once. Not even for a few minutes.

In Austin we lived in a 2nd floor apartment. We had folks on all sides of us. It just never got all that cold inside. I can remember maybe 3-4 days over the four year period where I felt the need to bundle up and maybe start a fire. Other than that, we kept the A/C & fans running through the winter time 🙂 Steve and I must like to be cold at night.

But 58 degrees cold… well apparently that’s our (ehm ehm Steve’s?) threshold! We woke up the other morning and it was pretty darn cold in our house. The hardwood floors make it that much colder too. So he broke down & turned on the heat for us. We both figured we better see if the heater WORKS before the really cold temps come. Plus… however unlikely… there is always the possibility of frozen pipes when it’s below freezing outside.

So on our heat went. We’ve kept it at 66 degrees which is still not that warm. But MUCH warmer than 58!

In related news. I am very thankful that we have a heater in our bathroom. It’s one of the mini ones that you can turn on and it blows warm air into the room while you shower. SOOO nice in the cool Ohio mornings! When our sweet friend Frannie visited last month, she commented that all northern homes should be required to have them.

Living in Texas made me truly miss having “cold bones.” Now if you’re not from the north and/or have never lived in the north you may not know what I mean. It’s the kind of cold that makes you feel the need to take a scorching shower just to warm your body through. I now have had a few days of cold bones, and I must say, I actually am glad to have these days back.

I love sweaters and scarves and everything in between. Snow & coffee. Fires and soups. Ohio is definitely starting to feel more and more like home.



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