Is officially…

Listening to Christmas music.

I am blaming the early listening on the cool/cold weather 🙂 It just FEELS like the holidays around here!

Besides November always goes so quickly…

  • This week is my last full week of teaching for the quarter (Insert smiley face here for being on the quarter system)
  • Next week I’ll be at a conference in sunny San Fran
  • The following week I’ll be giving my last final & grading like a manic… Oh, not to mention cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our friends & colleagues!

Trying to figure out what to put on the menu this year. Any suggestions?


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One response to “Is officially…

  1. Andrew

    Just gotta say Brittany… be careful of the fall quarter “smiley face” turning into the “frowny face” of the 20-week double-quarter marathon “super-semester” in the spring. I didn’t “pace” myself with that in mind my first year at OU… and I regretted it… learned better the next two years. 🙂

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