Last weekend we…

Ate our way through Austin.

Yep, that’s right. We were back in ATX & we took full advantage of it!

Pregnancy + Eating out in ATX = bad combo!!… okay, well, not bad, just dangerous for the scale 🙂


We arrived on Thurs afternoon (about 3 hrs later than planned) to a gorgeous sunny day. We headed RIGHT to Chuy’s. Steve enjoyed a margarita and we had Chuy’s famous jalepeno ranch dip. YUM.

We had dinner with friends at Moonshine…if you live in ATX & have never been, it’s a MUST EAT place 🙂 SO fantastic. We ended up splitting a fish dish with corn bread stuffing. It’s my favorite by far… well, that and the mac & cheese 🙂


In the AM we just had the complimentary breakfast at Holiday Inn Express… and headed to Mozarts for a yummy cup o’ Joe (well, decaf Joe in my case) 🙂

We met my Aunt & Uncle (who drove in from Houston) for lunch at Mandolas! Gotta love that italian deli. Steve & I both had panini’s. I convinced myself the meat had been heated warm enough to kill all bacteria.

For dinner, Steve & I enjoyed a nice meal by ourselves at Z Tejas~ Roasted Pablano pepper is to die for! My next goal is to try to replicate that receipe…


We ate a new place, 620 Cafe in Round Rock. The portions were HUGE and the food was excellent. Very ‘down home’.

Then on to my shower~ where my friends had whipped up some super yummy goodies!!

We had a wonderful dinner with friends (and our annual White Elephant exchange). Deep fried turkey, cheesey potatoes, green bean cassarole~ just like thanksgiving all over again!


We had lunch at another one of our ‘old stomping grounds…’ Whole Foods 🙂 I realize this sounds silly, but boy do we miss whole foods!! There is one in Columbus, but that’s too far to drive for a quick bite. We indulged in the salad, soup ~ and of course~ the sorbet!! Maple Pecan Sorbet to be exact. UN REAL. If you haven’t had it, go buy it. So amazing.

Our last night in Austin we thought it would be fitting to have some good ole Texas BBQ so we headed out to county line. I just can’t get enough of their bread (and sausage). Dangerous combination!!


d-day~ the skies were dreary as we drove back to the airport and ended our trip with a breakfast taco from Rudy’s.

All & All, an amazing ~ food filled~ trip! It was wonderful to see our friends & our church. Such a blessing to be able to be with everyone just before the holidays…More on the actual foodless activities later 🙂




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2 responses to “Last weekend we…

  1. jen

    um, i feel full just reading this 🙂 j/k..i am also eating cookie dough as a read this so that probably has something to do with it.

    i am surprised you didn’t cram more mexican food in there though ; )

    • Steve & Brit

      We felt super full too!! That was why we ate at Whole Foods on sunday! Salad 🙂 We did intend to have more tex-mex…but there just weren’t enough meal times available!!

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