Today is one of those days…

…when it seems like things are crumbling.

It’s easy to get discouraged when bad (or unexpected) things happen. It’s easy to forget the blessings that we so often enjoy.
Today I am patiently waiting on the Lord to reveal His plans.

I am praying for dear friends who sit nervously in the hospital waiting to hear good news. I am praying for a loved one who’s immediate future is uncertain. I am praying for sanity, endurance, and strength. I am leaning into the cross.

Hard days always make me remember this truth… ‘this is only the world we’re living in’

Mandisa “Only the World” ~ The first verse and refrain are my favorite.

Verse 1:
Been a hard one, Been a bad one
Been a tough one, Been a sad one
It’s been one of those days that keeps chipping away at my heart
Nothing new here, so what I do here
its a stereo-typical day, in the life
i’m surrounded by all of the pain and the strife
but I know it’s alright, woah oh

Cause it’s only the world i’m living in
It’s only the day i’ve been given
There ain’t a way i’m giving in
Cause it’s only the world (only the world)
I know the best is still yet to come
cause even when my deeds in the world are done
It’s gonna be so much more than only the world to me
do do do do do do do do do, yeah its only the world



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One response to “Today is one of those days…

  1. Mom

    Life ain’t(a) FAIR, it’s a CIRCUS; Thank God He’s the ringmaster!

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