Why I don’t often blog about…

… Being pregnant.

This story begins a few summers back when Steve & I were living in Norway. In the summer of 2009 we lived in the small town of Bodo Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. It was an amazing place where the sun never set (from late June to early Aug) and the air was pure. The clouds were more amazing than you could ever imagine. I’ve never known such beauty in all of my life.

However, our time there was lonely. More specifically, I had a hard time being away from friends and family. We were on a totally different time schedule…7 hours ahead of all of our friends and family which made it really difficult to communicate via skype. I turned to social media to meet my “social needs.” I read lots of blogs & spent hours reading facebook statuses.

To my dismay, these actions often made me feel worse rather than better. You see, at that time in my life, I was really really really wanting to start trying to get pregnant. But it just wasn’t the right time. I cried daily. It seemed like every time I signed on to FB another person was announcing their big news or posting something about a pregnancy craving, baby kicking, ultrasound appointment attending, baby being born occasion. As much as I wanted to be joyful for my friends and acquaintances, it was difficult to see past my own selfish desires. Reading the posts did not put me in a Godly state of mind…rather, it offered the devil a place to get a foothold in my life and torture my thoughts.

Fast-forward to today…Praise God, I’m pregnant yet FB can still reek havoc on my life. In an effort to be complete transparent, I will tell you that I read status & compare myself to others. Stupid & silly but true. That is not healthy nor is it what God desires for me. I was wonderfully made. I need to rest in that truth.

Even more importantly…I still have many friends that struggle with infertility, miscarriage, and loss. I don’t want them to feel like I did when I was in Norway. It’s just not fun. So I don’t often blog or post about pregnancy and the joys and tribulations that it brings. I save those thoughts & commentaries for my mom or friends who ask.

Why don’t I often blog about being pregnant… because I don’t want my joy to be anyone else’s pain.



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8 responses to “Why I don’t often blog about…

  1. Mom

    You are so thoughtful, but here’s the rest of MY story . . .I have certainly known that pain of childlessness, but my dear daughter, you are my JOY šŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing everything with me, so I can experience (through you) what I haven’t been able to experience until now. I love you so much ā¤

  2. gregg

    i can definitely empathize with your thoughts here, just in a slightly different aspect. a huge reason i’ve chosen to quit social media for at least a while is that i found it mainly provided a way for sin and struggles that i don’t normally care about or focus on, to enter my mind and life. (i.e. the friend on fb with the new big salary, or the couple that can buy a house, or the person with a 4-door vehicle, or the vacationers, or the date-night people etc etc.) in my everyday life these aren’t things i am able to focus on, i live well, accept and love my life, and focus on god’s blessings, my wife and child and our amazing time together without stress, but when things constantly confront you on the net when the day is winding down, it simply highlights the things i’m not able to obtain or do for or provide for my wife and/or family, and it leads to nothing but negativity and opportunity for sin and idolatry. at least at this point in my life.

    great thoughts and attitude toward the issue.

    • Steve & Brit

      Gregg, thanks so much for the comment~ I can totally appreciate the fact that social media is not just a ‘time waster’ but a distraction from what’s most important in life. I hate that these thoughts penetrate my life. I’ve been trying to scale back on FB lately… I might have to try your approach & go cold turkey.

      I want to be satisfied in what the Lord has blessed us with ~ and not always wanting for more.

  3. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I know we’ve struggle to get pregnant and we still are waiting, but I can say with an honest and delighted heart that I am so happy for you both! What an exciting journey! I have to say I was a little confuse when I read the blog after you returned form Texas and you talked about being pregnant and I really had to rack my brain to try and figure out if you had mentioned it before…anyways, glad you did and again so happy for you both!

    • Steve & Brit

      Thanks sweet girl ~ šŸ™‚ We were being pretty hush hush about it for awhile (especially online). We didn’t tell co-workers till I was 16 weeks along and former TX colleague till I was 19 weeks. I really appreciate the incredibly thoughtful comment. We pray for y’all often!! PS. Love the new post about running on your blog~ I’m looking forward to doing more of that this summer!

  4. Lea

    I really loved this blog post. I really brought to light a lot of issues I struggle with too, even some I didn’t realize until I read this. I totally know where you’re coming from reading others updates on FB and comparing yourself to them or feeling less than great about yourself because of what you read. While it only took us a few months to get pregnant with Max, I still remember reading about all of the other friends who were having babies and it stressed me out. Now we’re trying again (have been for a super long time) with no luck at all, and in that time I’ve found out about *at least* a dozen friends who have become pregnant, and it’s hard not to get down on myself. But Jose and I just have to always remind ourselves that when God thinks it’s the right time, it will happen again (if it’s in His plans). In the meantime, we are reminded how incredibly blessed we are with already having one healthy little boy in our life. šŸ™‚ And thank you for also reminding me of what is important. Perhaps I too should cut down on my FB use, and think twice about what I’m posting as my own status updates.

    • Steve & Brit

      Hey girl, Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment~ It was just very much on my heart when I wrote it… and still today.
      I’m glad that you can relate… I think so often we let the wrong ‘sources’ influence our self-esteem/self-worth etc.
      Steve & I will definitely keep y’all in our thoughts & prayers. As you said, all in His timing.
      ps. the most recent pics you took of sweet Max are just adorable!! ā¤ them! Hopefully the next time we make it ATX, you'll be able to take photos of OUR sweet little one! šŸ™‚

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