Yummy mexican sandwiches

Beans are such a cheap way to make a meal. They are an excellent source of protein, super filling, AND  low in fat 🙂

Steve and I were watching an episode of Mexican made easy several months back. I’m pretty sure I took this picture a LONG time ago… and it’s been sitting my drafts folder ever since. I wanted to remember just how yummy the meal was so that I could make it again another time. Hmm… Maybe next week!

You’ll find the recipe on food network’s website in two parts. The first part tells you how to cook the pinto beans and the second explains how to make the dish into a yummy sandwich.

The quick & dirty version is…bring water, pinto beans (3 c. dried), garlic cloves, onion, bay leaves, salt & pepper to a boil. Then cover & simmer for several hours. Drain (reserving liquid).

Saute (new) garlic & onions in a pan with some oil. Add in the beans (and some bean water). Mash the beans until they reach spreadable consistency. THEN, make into a yummy sandwich with some cheese. You can broil these in the oven if desired & serve with fresh pico.

These beans are so flavorful. I was honestly surprised at how much punch they packed! And fresh pico… yummmy~ can’t wait for summer! This year we’re planning on having a garden. We’re really looking forward to the fresh veggies & herbs (and the cheaper grocery bill!) Till then, Kroger’s is my very best friend 🙂


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