Confessions of a new mom

Note* I’ve been working on a blog post about sweet Paxton’s birth story~ unfortunately, it’s taking me forever to type up! So for the time being, you get a random thoughts post 🙂


I am going to try to not make this blog all about little man, but I will admit that there will be a few posts about him and my new role every now and then.

This is one of those posts.

  • My son has both increased & decreased my own personal hygiene. Increased: I totally wash my hands FAR more often with the kiddo around. I’m a bit paranoid that my germs are going to make him sick. My hands are super dry because of all of the hand watching.  Decreased: Showering has become a luxury. I fear this will get worse when my parents leave. Also, I often walk around with spit up or milk on my clothes. Eh, oh well. Update: folks are gone… I got spit up on around oh, 5pm last night. Yeah, still wearing that shirt. Oh well.
  • We no longer watch television, we watch Pax-vision instead. I’m pretty sure we’ve never gone so many days with out turning the TV in our entire lives. For some reason, staying on top of the news and our weekly shows just doesn’t matter so much any more 🙂
  • Time moves in blocks of three hours. This is strange. I’m not used to being so scheduled… well scratch that… I am used to being scheduled. Just not on someone else’s schedule!!
  • It used to be that I would always sit with my Mac on my lap… now it’s my Pax. I know I’m suppose to set him down so as not to develop bad habits, but boy is it tough!
  • I haven’t been reading nearly as much as I used to. that is, except for reading stuff on my iphone from google reader & facebook. I miss reading the Bible & I truly need to make time in my day to spend time in the word.
  • I track his input & output on my iphone. It’s this cool app called Total Baby… yes, I did just say that it’s cool to track my kids poop on my iphone.

I’m sure there are more things I should “confess” to…but for now, I figure I better just get a post up before my sweetie spits up again 🙂



Today is our very first day ALL alone… Mom & Dad left for Wisco yesterday & Steve had to go back to work. We’ll see how this goes!!! Keep us in your prayers today 🙂


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One response to “Confessions of a new mom

  1. Mom

    Gramps and I are totally in “Pax withdrawal”! I keep viewing videos and photos of him on my cell phone. It helps a little, but does nothing for our cravings to hold him and smell his sweet new baby smell.
    Grammy ❤

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