Nursery Pictures

Since little man came 2 weeks early, I didn’t have time to completely finish the nursery. Here it is, in its incomplete form!

Rug & Chair from BRU

Crib & changing table/dresser from an Amish Furniture store in Lancaster, OH.

Love the white shelving from Lowes 🙂 it’s super practical!! Great for storing bibs, onesies, and burp cloths.

Books courtesy of my lovely mom who used to be a pre-school teacher (as well as some awesome friends!)  Note the picture on the left… it is of bears wearing cheeseheads. Yep. We are from Wisco. We’re training him early.

Swing is from BRU ~ courtesy of Steve’s dad & Tia 🙂 He loves it! We plan to put his name up on the wall just above the swing. I just haven’t found the time …yet!

The lovely quilt on the wall was something my mom found for us~ it is just perfect for the room. The tub to the right of the bed is absolutely necessary for storing our sweet little man’s multitude of blankets!

That’s it!


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