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So there are several things that I have learned in my few short months of being a momma… one of which is that it is just plain tough when your kids get sick…or don’t get sick?… This uncertainty is what I’ve been wrestling with for the last few weeks.

Let me briefly explain.  Our sweet Pax had his 2 month shots (including a live vaccine) May 31st. The next day he had blood in his stool. I thought it was likely related to the vaccines due to the timing… but when we went in to the doctor’s office, she was convinced it was “lactose intolerance.” The prescription, mom needs to stop consuming any and all milk products.

Fast forward a week and a half. I was off milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, pizza, and pretty much everything that is good in the world, but little man still had blood in his stool. Like any loving crazy parent I decided to get a second opinion. Dr. #2 thought it could be due to the vaccine and took a stool sample. The next day I got a call from doctor #1 who recommended we go up to children’s in columbus just to be safe. Panic.

We went to childrens and they said that he had a “milk protein allergy” (different than lactose intolerance). Sigh of relief. Okay, nothing major is wrong. My food options are abysmal, but at least my sweet boy is okay, right?

Nope, not according to Dr. #2 who had her assistant call us a few days later and INSISTED that our son had a bacterial infection and must be put on Penicillin immediately. But first, we had to come in & provide another stool sample and have his blood drawn. Tear. This was a terrible experience for so many reasons.

We were incorrectly told that he had strep b (he didn’t) and then strep d or strep bovis (he didn’t)…so we put him on the penicillin. The next day I figured I out to tell our primary dr #1 what was going on, so I called. Needless to say, after she got the test results & discussed them with childrens, we found out there was nothing ever wrong with our little man. That is, we had given him penicillin for no reason. FRUSTRATION.

So now he’s off of the meds and I’m still off of milk and milk products. We’ll see how this goes for both of us. I’m still a skeptical parent… I admit, I might be in denial about this whole milk protein allergy thing, but the timing of all of this is just so suspect…

The day in the life of a new and crazy parent.


Two other things.

1. I let Pax suck on my wrist the other day & ended up with a hickey. Yep, remember those?

2. Our little guy is a side sleeper. It is TOO cute 🙂


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  1. Lauren

    Oh my gosh, Brit! I only had a little idea about what was going on! I’m so sorry you (and Pax and Steve) have had to go through all that. . . you’re a great mom! ❤

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