Alternatively titled, “Brittany has 2 left feet”

Yesterday I bite the dust like a 12 year old girl.

Yeah. Steve, Pax and I were taking a walk last night & we ran into our neighbors. They hadn’t met Pax yet so we stopped to visit. When we finished, we turned to walk away and for some reason I decided to trip over my own two feet. Chaos ensued. I went falling face forward and took the stroller down with me. Luckily, like the crazy control freak I am, I had buckled the little guy in tight. He was just fine. Tipped over with the handle bars to the ground, but he didn’t even make a PEEP.

Me on the other hand…well, the damage was far worse.

Right leg & knee… road burn.

Left knee

RIGHT hand 😦 and wrist

Seriously, how do things like this happen to me? In addition to these lovely injuries, I also ran into the dish washer yesterday and drew blood on my ankle AND smacked my knee on the pack n play while getting into bed. Luckily little man was sleeping in his crib ~ so I didn’t wake the baby!

So those are the adventures of clumsy Brittany for the day.



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2 responses to “Flashback

  1. Lauren

    Perhaps this means you just need to slow down a bit? :o)

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