The thing we’re really missing is…

…Community. Biblical community to be precise.

We’ve lived in Athens for a year now and there are so many things to love about it (the weather, our home, my job, the nature, etc.) :). But one of the challenges is that we really haven’t been able to find a church or biblical community here. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve tried. We became regular attenders of one church in the area, but unfortunately it just wasn’t feeding us like we hoped. The people were kind and welcoming but it was a struggle to move beyond BBQs to intentionally living on mission together.

The last few months we’ve been trying other churches. One weekend, we even made the drive up to Columbus to visit an Acts 29 church (that’s the network that our old church was a part of). It was wonderful and restorative. Unfortunately, it’s impossible difficult to find biblical community an hour & 30 min away from home. So we’ve continued our search. We no longer live in the bible belt (nor do we live in a city of 750K), we need to remember that.

We thought we had some good news earlier this month. When we visited the Acts 29 in columbus, the pastor told us there was a church planter coming to the Athens area starting a Acts 29 church!!! We were so pumped. Unfortunately, that fell through and the couple was called to another location in Ohio.

We had a glimmer of hope the other day as well… I’m still praying for possibilities on this one. My friend Ali & I are starting a MOPS group in the area (Moms of Pre-schoolers) (another attempt at building christian relationships). One of the women at the meeting mentioned that a new church was starting up downtown. She didn’t know anything about it though… I asked her to put me in touch with the pastor’s wife, and I’m now just waiting to hear back. We are praying so desperately for a place where we can seek, serve, grow, learn, walk alongside, be challenged, and glorify Him.

We need local biblical community. People to truly do life with~ to call us out~ to hold us accountable ~ to pray with us ~ to serve together~ to laugh & love~ and we want to do the same for others. We had this in Austin, and we miss it dearly. Pray for us.



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