Why I don’t post pictures of Paxton online

Steve had never been a fan of facebook.

He hates what a time suck it is and thinks it takes time away from “real” life. He can’t understand why people would post info about their personal lives and put up pictures for all to see (and possibly download…)

He kind of has a point. Facebook is a huge time suck and really, it is kind of creepy that any of your *friends can just download photos if they want…and with facebook always changing their policies, who knows when they will just allow vendors to use your photos in ads. Wait, that already happened.

[*Think: guy I knew in the 8th grade who I accepted his friend request when I first got facebook because I was click happy and have yet to delete him b/c I forgot he was on there kind of friend. ]

So, needless to say, the decision to not post pictures of Paxton’s face online began with my sweet husband and his disdain for facebook but now I’m on board too. 🙂 We figure, if people want to see our sweet boy, we can email them pictures! That said, if you didn’t get our most recent email update and want to see our handsome little man, feel free to email me or post here and I’ll be happy to send them along!


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