Boys, this is not a post for you.

Fair warning men~ you probably don’t want to read this post. It’s about pumping.


So ever since Pax has been going to the sitter, I’ve been pumping like a crazy person. No one ever told me how absolutely ANNOYING this is. I mean, here you are attached to a machine for 10-15 minutes 10 times a day. Well, 10 times on Mondays.

Mondays are my long days… I literally get to work at 8am and don’t get home until about 1030 @ night. It’s not ideal. But this schedule only lasts for 10 weeks so I can handle it. Plus, I love teaching my grad students from 6-10 so they make the time go by quickly! 🙂

This is what a typical Monday looks like for me.

  • 630am Pax wakes up, feed him
  • 7am pump
  • 8am drop Pax at sitters
  • 9-11am office hours
  • pump
  • 12-1 yoga
  • pump
  • 2-4 teach
  • pump
  • 6-10 teach
  • oh yeah, and I have to pump in the middle of class. awesomeness. If you are one of my students and happen to have found this blog. I’m sorry, you probably didn’t need to know that information. Come to think of it, none of you need to know this information. But I’m guessing some moms might be able to relate?
  • and then before bed, pump again b/c my sweet little man has gone down for the night before I get home.

Also, pumping in public (i.e., in my office at work) is weird. My male colleague is always sitting right across the hall from my office. I guarantee he can hear the pump noise. It is super awkward.

I can see why women want “lactation rooms” at work. Though, I know I should not complain at ALL. At least I have a private space (which is totally not available to so many women). Just last week, I heard a story about a woman at Ohio who has to pump in the public bathrooms (yuck). And who’s colleague complained because s/he didn’t want to have to store his/her lunch in the same refrigerator as the mother’s milk. So I’m thankful. Thankful for an office. Thankful for  a refrigerator in the office. Thankful for curtains I can close and a door I can shut. I’m thankful.

On a related note. Wow. I just did the math. 10-15 min a day x 10 pumping sessions =  about 2 & 1/2 hrs of my day pumping. Wow. That is insane. If you add in all of the bottle washing and sanitizing we’re probably up to 3-3.5 hrs…. I must really love this kid 🙂



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4 responses to “Boys, this is not a post for you.

  1. Jen

    oh how i hate pumping! i used to have to pump in my car in between classes b/c i had nowhere on campus to do it. so i’d park my car really far out in the parking lot and climb in the backseat and pump. not fun.

    • Steve & Brit

      ugh Jen, that is NOT fun. I’ve only had to pump in the car a few times and I did NOT enjoy it. It’s so uncomfortable b/c you’re swinging your neck around just to make sure no one is looking at you.

  2. Carey

    I feel you, girl. Though I am NOT pumping that frequently, altogether, I’m not a fan.

    • Steve & Brit

      The worst was the one day when I forgot my “holder” at home and so I just had to sit there holding the darn things the whole time. Not ideal 🙂

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