Badger game


So… I’m working on figuring out how to upload a blog post from my phone. I’ve figured out how to load photos… but I’m not sure what size they will be 🙂 Bear with me!

Steve, Pax & I made the LONG trek back to Wisco this weekend to go to the much anticipated Badger vs. Husker game. It was AWE- SOME. Seriously. The last game we went to was with Wisco played Michigan maybe 5 yrs ago and it was a back and forth shoot out all night. the game ended with badger fans rushing the field. It was epic. This game wasn’t quite as epic as that one, but it was still pretty freaking amazing.

We left little man with Steve’s mom, Grandma TT, and headed out to tailgate.

On the way we saw this guy and I had to take a photo for our good friends who are huge Nebraska fans!



Steve and I were super pumped to actually have a date night. And what a date night it was!!


We sat next to some pretty cool people. 🙂


And our seats… well, they were unreal. We were in the “6th” row…but really, we were right in the front row. There was a tarp that stretched from our seats down to the field. So there weren’t any people in front of us. Granted, we couldn’t see what was going on on the other side of the field, but ‘eh, whatever. We just watched it on the big screen 🙂



This is a terrible Iphone shot… but it’s a “zoomed in” version of the field from our perspective. We were that close.


Final Score!!!


I really love this guy!! 🙂 It got pretty cold out… mid 40s. Not the kind of weather we’re used to any more!!



Our trip was definitely a whirlwind visit. We left on thurs night around 7 & drove till midnight. Then we were up again and drove for 5 more hours on Friday AM. We spent Saturday with family and the game. Sunday AM we got back on the road and headed home.

Pax even helped drive for a bit. He was pretty pre-occupied with the po po so he decided to let daddy drive most of the way home.

*Just Kidding* Clearly, we’re at a gas station here. I’m a crazy rule follower and fan of safety measures. Little man stayed securely strapped in the whole time (much to his dismay I might add). All in all, and amazing trip! “When you say Wisconsin, You’ve said it all” 🙂




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  1. Lauren

    I love this! I didn’t know you went to the game! How fun! :o)

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