Food & Ramblings

It was a busy day today filled with lots of food…

  • On Sunday we gave Pax his first solid food ~ carrots. I cleaned, diced, steamed, and pureed some organic carrots. I mixed it with a bit of breast milk and voila ~ instant yumminess for Paxton! He LOVED it!! We should have started earlier, but I couldn’t quite get things together. So 6.5 months it was.
  • Today I made a pea puree. He liked it, but not quite as well. Peas involved a mesh sieve. Not fun. Not sure how often I’ll be making those!! 🙂
  • I also made this meatloaf 
  • And these pumpkin pie bars for bible study tomorrow night. Sadly, Athens does not carry cinnamon chips, so those were omitted
  • In other random news~ running jogging while pushing a jogging stroller is a lot tougher than just plain ole’ running!!
  • Also, I love baked plantain chips as a snack. You can buy them in the bulk foods section at the grocery store.  only 35 cal for 1/2 cup. SO good!!

That’s enough for one night~ XO


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