Things you should never do…

*Guys* This is an embarrassing story about pumping. There aren’t details 🙂 I just wanted to warn you about the content.


There were so many titles that I thought up for this post …

The best include:

  • Motherhood has many sacrifices…pumping in public was not one I could have imagined in my wildest dreams, ehm nightmares.
  • You’ll never guess where I pumped…a janitorial hallway in the Nashville airport. Yep.
  • Indecent exposure?!?! Does pumping in public “count”?
  • The most satisfying blue moon I ever drank….came immediately following a public pumping display in the hallway of the Nashville airport
  • Things to never do… Number 1 leave your battery pack for your pump at home.
  • Seriously janitor, look away…this is embarrassing enough without you staring at me
  • Yesterday I made a wish that I could be invisible.

I took a super whirlwind trip to Waco TX this past weekend for research. On my way home Sunday I found myself in the Nashville airport needing to pump. Oh the joys of motherhood!

First stop: women’s bathroom. I checked a few of them… NO electrical outlets. Seriously?

Second stop: family bathroom. The door was locked. No one could figure out how to get it open, lovely.

Third stop: I wandered around the airport aimlessly looking for an electrical outlet that was semi hidden and out of view… I couldn’t find a spot for the life of me. I proceeded to check my bag for the umpteenth time looking for the battery pack. It was not there. UGH.

Decision time: I finally “gave up” and decided to pump in a hallway with a vending machine and some janitorial equipment. It was right across from the food court. Lovely. I prayed people would be busy and pay me no mind. I first tried the electrical outlet in the way back. No dice. I got all “set up” and there wasn’t power. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? So then I had to move more out in the view of passers-by. I sat with my back turned to the crowd (blocked partially by my suitcase) and started the process.

A few minutes passed. I prayed that some person from TSA wouldn’t look in my direction, hear the noise, and think I was trying to set up some contraption to blow the place up. How embarrassing would a confrontation like that be?!?!

As I sat there completely scrunched over trying desperately not to draw attention to myself something happened. A janitor (male) came strolling down the hallway. He looked down and me. AHHHHH ~ I couldn’t even look up. I can’t remember a time that I’ve been more embarrassed. I stared at his shoes just praying that he’d keep walking and never come back. He walked down the hallway, grabbed a broom and walked past me on his way out of the hallway.

I breathed a small sigh of relief. Clearly, I must have freaked him out. He wouldn’t be back, right? WRONG. A few minutes later the SAME GUY came walking back by me and grabbed a large garbage can and had to maneuver to push it by me. OH MY GOSH. I am pretty sure that by this point I was all kinds of shades of red.

Needless to say, I finished pumping, quickly packed up my things, and scurried to the bathroom to hide the evidence.

And then, I went to the bar, sat down, and ordered a nice large glass of Blue Moon Belgium Ale. The End.



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  1. Jen

    um, yeah, not envious of that experience. i saw a girl pumping in the airport once. she was sitting out with the rest of us but had a cover on but still-it made the fact that i was sitting across from actually b-feeding abbey a little less awkward for me.

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