Baby Food

So I’m writing this post more as a “note to self” than as a FYI for the few of you who read 🙂

Pax is a pretty solid eater. I just said it “out loud” so guaranteed he’s going to reject the next thing I try to stick in his mouth. It’s science.


I’ve been making his baby food since day 1 and I feel pretty good about it. No judgement on those who don’t. To each his own. Steve and I eat mostly organic and whole foods ~ so of course I’d want the same for Pax. Here are a few of the “mini recipes” that we’ve done over the last several months…Some of the ingredients are interesting…but that’s because I’m trying to get only organic food in this kiddo for the time being. I realize that this effort won’t be 100% sustainable over time. But for now, I’m shooting for the stars 🙂

Carrot Puree~ this was his first solid meal EVER! I just steamed the heck out of the carrots till they were almost mushy in the steamer. Then I pureed them with a bit of BM. Now I use water in all our food. Baby seal of approval. Still loves these.

Sweet Potato Puree~ I used to steam these (skins off). Now I roast them. SO YUMMY!! He LOVES LOVES them.

Squash Puree~ I’ve tried butternut & acorn on the kiddo. I’ve roasted both. The acorn stays much “moister” than the butternut. I definitely had to add water (and now some times organic chicken broth) to both to smooth them out. He loved both. Butternut is a bit sweeter.

Pea Puree~ oh peas, you are my nemesis. I bought frozen organic peas thinking, oh these are the closest to “FRESH” peas, they must be the best. Well, I cooked them in water, then pureed them in a blender, then I pushed them through a metal strainer and he STILL didn’t like them. He ate them b/c he’s a good sport. But the faces, oh the faces. The texture really threw him off at first (even with the straining). Round 2 I decided, canned organic peas was the way to go. They must be softer right? I rinsed them and then dumped them in the blender and whirled away. He liked them a bit better… but it still wasn’t a “love” kind of food. Maybe if I mix them with something else…

Green Bean Puree~ the frozen ones were not well received for the same reason at the peas. BUT the canned ones were a success!! He actually loves them. Yay for green veggies!!

Apple Sauce~ Tyler Florence is a genius. He taught me that you can roast apples, skin on, cored and viola~ amazing applesauce. Dump in blender and puree. I think I added some cinnamon but that was it. Loves it.

Banana Puree~ LOVES it. Just spin an organic banana in my food processor.

Spinach & Pear Puree~ roast the pears (skin on, just core them), steam fresh spinach, then puree in a blender. This was really yummy day one. Spinach separated out a bit on day 2. I wouldn’t make a lot of this next time. The pears were a touch grainy, but he seemed to still like them. They were NOT his favorite though.

Organic Brown Rice “Cereal”~ so… I didn’t want to give Pax rice cereal. I had read that it wasn’t the best thing for their little tummy’s… so we waited. When he was about hmmm… 7.5 months? my mom was visiting and introduce grains into his diet. She whirled the dried rice in our coffee ginder and then cooked it in boiling water till the water was all absorbed. He “chewed” it … cutest thing EVER!! They sent me video.

Steel Cut Oats~So after the success with the rice cereal, I decided to make him some steel cut oats. UM. LOVES LOVES LOVES IT. Probably his favorite meal ever. I spin the dried SCO in the coffee grinder and then cook in boiling water till absorbed. Then I add some cinnamon and nutmeg. when I’m ready to give it to him, I usually whirl it in the food processor with a banana until smooth. He devours this stuff. DEVOURS.

Kale & White Potatoes with Carrots~ this invention gave me a headache, but it was a success, so I guess it was worth it! I boiled the white baking potatoes (skins removed) till tender then TRIED to puree in the blender with the kale. #fail I think the problem was too much food, too little liquid. I then tried the food processor. #fail Then the immersion blender #fail. BACK to the blender… in stages. First the kale, then add tiny bits of potato … just a bit at a time. #success!!! Before serving I added in a small cube of frozen pureed carrots as well. He LOVES this stuff!! Yay for getting something green in him!!

Overall, our munchkin is a good eater. We are super blessed. Hopefully he hangs on to these taste buds as he ages.

I’ll try to keep up with posting baby food “recipes” over the next several months as we go to more textured food.

Time to go have some LUNCH myself while little man naps 🙂



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  1. I’ve tried just about all of these (with mostly success). Thanks for these! But now I need more. 🙂

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