No, this is not some announcement 🙂 It’s more of a commentary (and a self-encouragement for me) as a working mom.

Most days I wish I could stay home with Pax. Could is probably the wrong would. I definitely could be a stay at home mom (SAHM in case you were lost on the title). I mean, it’s possible. But I love my job. And I really truly feel that being a professor is what God wants for my life. I’m in the exact place He has me in.

Regardless, it still is so hard to drop him off the sitter’s day after day knowing that I’m leaving him in the hands of someone else to mold, shape, and raise him. Some days, like anyone else, I struggle with that. Joy in my own circumstances. It. Is. Tough.

But Friday. Friday friends was NOT one of those days.

Friday was a day that I was giddily (is that even a word?) thankful that some one ELSE was caring for my child.

The morning started off a bit rough when our usual sitter called to say she was sick (note. this has never happened, so I was truly in a scramble figuring out what to do). I have a good friend who stays at home with her son and runs a few businesses out of her home. She has watched Paxton in the past so I had my fingers crossed that she wasn’t too busy to watch him. I called her (the poor girl) at 7:15 in the morning, and she quickly agreed. Crisis averted.

Well, my poor friend probably wasn’t quite sure WHAT she had signed up for that day (and neither was I).

To rewind just a bit… Pax has had a cold for nearly a week now. It has progressed into a cough (poor little guy) and on Thursday he lost interest in eating most solids. He just wanted to be cuddled. I disclosed all of this to my sweet friend and she was fine with him coming over. Well, another…ehm ehm… symptom arose during the day on Friday.

***Note. If you can’t stomach poop stories move on friends***

I got a text at about 10:30/11 AM on Friday morning with a picture of my sweet son sleeping like an angel drinking his bottle. It was precious. The caption read “It’s been a crazy morning”…hmmm. So I called to find out what the crazy was all about.

Apparently my sweet son decided that it was high time he had a true BLOW OUT diaper. I’m talking up the back of his neck, under his armpits, don’t quite know how to get the kid clean, gotta stick him in the tub and swish his tush around, kind of blow out diaper. It was his first ever. And I MISSED IT.

[Insert image of me doing the happy dance here].

Now of course, I feel absolutely terrible that Pax had a blow out diaper (for his sake and my friend’s). But it was one of those moments in life where I was truly able to appreciate where I was at, where God has me. I am a working mom. Some days that sucks. Other days, like Friday, it’s not the worst thing in the world. 🙂 Just trying to find joy in the small things friends!

Now I don’t want you to think that Steve & I got away scott free. Oh no, Pax decided to save some of his joyous love for us when he got home. Since Friday we’ve taken 3 post-diaper baths and done several loads of laundry. 🙂

Wishing you love (and & clean diapers) on this beautiful Sunday morning!


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