This month I’m going to be better…

… I swear. I am going to post more than one time 🙂

The month of January just flew by. Some days I’d think about things I wanted to post and then I just never found the time.

So here’s another post for February.

Last month was a month of many yummy desserts.

Here are two that I highly HIGHLY recommend. And by highly recommend I mean, DO NOT MAKE THESE UNLESS YOU ARE HAVING A CROWD OF PEOPLE OVER TO CONSUME THEM WITH YOU. I’m not kidding guys. I literally inhaled the leftovers of both of these lovely desserts in no time flat. I even tried the “Oh I’ll throw them in the freezer and pull them out some other time” method. Well, that didn’t work.

First, fudgy mint chocolate brownies. Rich, decadent, chocolatey. These are not for the faint of heart. You must love mint to love these bars 🙂

Second, salted caramel shortbread bars. Heaven. HEAVEN. These are so good. They are rich and salty and sweet and amazing. Make them. Maybe just a half batch though 🙂

You can find several yummy photos of both of these desserts on the respective blogs (Annies Eats & Eat, Live, Run). Two of my favorites 😉 Hope you like these as much as I did!


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