Reflections on Paxton’s first year

Two posts in two days. It’s a nice record. Well… not really new, but revived since Pax entered our lives.

Our little man turned one back in March. It’s crazy how time just flies. Looking back over the past year I have a few parenting thoughts that I want to remember if we’re ever so blessed to have another child.

  • People say that you never sleep. I may regret typing this…but honestly, it wasn’t that bad for us. I mean, we definitely had the first few months of getting up every three hours to feed him. But overall, he’s a good sleeper and a really good baby. I’m not sure what to attribute this to…but I will say we used baby-wise/sleep training and it seemed to work well for our family. During the first 6 weeks, I literally set my alarm clock during the night to feed Pax every three hours. During the day, he also ate every three hours…eat, play, sleep. So a typical schedule for us would be Pax eats at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, & 10. He would fall asleep with the 1:00pm feeding and the 10:00pm feeding and we felt just fine about that 🙂 Otherwise, we tried to play with him after eating 🙂 So this HH gives babywise 2 thumbs up.
  • In the first few months, we went through more burp clothes and bibs than I could have ever imagined. Part of that is due to my inability to reuse a burp cloth that already had baby spit up (or as we called “boof”) on it. The thought just grossed me out. So we literally ran through probably 5 bibs and 10 burp clothes a day at the very beginning. Of course, now he doesn’t even wear a bib (except for the plastic kind at meal times) or need burp clothes any more.
  • Pax loves music. Whenever we can’t get him to sleep…even when he was a tiny baby… I would put some praise music on my iphone and let it play. The first weeks of his life, I actually created a Hillsong Pandora station and we would all sleep to it when he was in the pack n play in our room. It never fails to calm him down.
  • Babies like to be held differently and you have to figure out what works for your kid. Pax HATED being held like a traditional baby (i.e., cradled in your arms). He much preferred to be upright. He also loved to be bounced and swung. If he was upset, swinging or bouncing was the key.
  • As a parent I was so paranoid that I was going to “create a bad habit” that I wouldn’t be able to break later. That was such a silly thought! For instance, I for awhile we let Pax take his afternoon naps in his swing b/c it kept him asleep longer. I was so freaked out that he would never nap in his crib. Ridiculous, I know. The transition was super easy and not a big deal. There are other things like this…but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Moral of the story, don’t panic. You are not creating bad habits now that can never be broken later.
  • While we didn’t co-sleep or practice attachment parenting, we did let the little guy cuddle in bed sometimes if he was really upset or in need of some comfort. So occasionally, in the middle of the night Pax would end up in our bed for a little while. Usually just till he fell back asleep and then we’d put him back in his crib. The first 2 months of his life, he’d wake up around 4/5am and so I’d let him sleep on my chest until Steve left for work 🙂 it was nice cuddling. So as not to have him fall off 🙂 I used the bobby to secure him on me. It worked wonders for catching a quick cat nap too.
  • You can’t predict when they will do anything. Pax rolled over when he was just a few weeks old. And then he continuously rolled over when he was just a few months. He crawled super early~ so we thought, clearly our kid is going to walk by 8months, right? Nope. He’s nearly 13 months and still not walking. Well, not walking unsupported. He’s walking around furniture and with walkers and holding on to my finger. But he won’t take more than 2 steps on his own. There is no predictable curve when it comes to kiddos.
  • Doctors words can often make you paranoid unnecessarily. Pax is in the 1% for height and weight. He has been a little dude since birth. But honestly y’all, it’s just he way he is! Our pediatrician isn’t “too” worried b/c he is gaining weight, but it’s just slow gain. Interestingly. Our kid eats like a horse. Seriously. So it’s not for lack of trying!!
  • People always have opinions on things and you have to figure out what’s best for your family. For example… Pax had a minor milk protein allergy when he was little. I had to cut dairy entirely out of my diet for a few months (#notfun). But here we are~ Pax is now a year old. And probably perfectly capable of drinking cows milk. But our pediatrician is really against us giving it to him. She’s big into this book called the China Study which essentially says that as Americans we eat entirely too much dairy and it’s giving us cancer… or dairy consumption is correlated with cancer or something. I haven’t read it. I really should b/c I’m so torn about what to do with Pax’s diet. He does eat dairy in food, but we haven’t given him cows milk, yet. So we’ll see. Bottom line. do your own research and weigh the expert opinions and then go with your gut 🙂
  • Being a working mommy is tough. I’d talked about this in other places on this blog (I’m not cool, so I’m not going to link them but you can look under the Baby Pete tab to find some). I’ve learned to balance it better over the last year but it’s still not easy.
  • Just when you think you’ve got a schedule down, your kiddo will change it on you. That goes for everything… his favorite foods ~ loves them for weeks and then pushes them away, his sleep schedule, normal and then it all goes poof! You get the idea. Kids are unpredictable.
  • I’ll end with one of my favorites… you know when you’re having just an awful day and all you want to do is crawl under the covers and go to sleep. Well, Pax has this smile. It’s just contagious. So when I’ve had a rough day, knowing that I get to see his little smiling face and play with him and his cars~ well that just makes it all worth it 🙂

I’m sure there are a ton more things that I’ve learned over the last year~ but my kiddo is stirring (for the second time today)!!


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