Religion vs. The Gospel

I still regularly listen to sermons from our old church in Austin. Over Easter, 13,000 people crammed into the basketball/concert arena in ATX called the Frank Erwin Center to worship Jesus together and hear his word preached. Matt Carter, the preaching pastor, did not disappoint.

I love it when pastors give you history on the context and/or words in the Bible. On Easter, Matt started by talking about the word “Gospel.” The Greek word for Gospel (or good news) is euangelion.   According to wikipedia [insert ashamed look here]  the “Greek word εὐαγγέλιον, euangelion (eu- “good”, -angelion “message”).”

Matt went on to explain that an euangelion was a literal message of Good News. Back in the day cities had walls around them. If some other army wanted to attack a city, the city would send out it’s army for protection. IF the defending army won~ they would send back a messenger to the city with an “euangelion” or a message of good news that the battle had been WON.

Are you seeing the link… our Gospel, our euangelion is that Jesus died on a cross for US to pay the price for OUR sins.

How amazing is that.

You can hear the whole thing here:

Sermon Audio:

And while we’re at it ~ I have always loved Matt’s sermons on Easter. This was one of my other all time favorite sermons he preached. It’s called The Christ Follower defined. The end of this sermon and the narrative he uses to drive the point home is just unbelievable. Go and listen.

Sermon Audio:


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