Full-time but Flexible

On a typical day, I get up when Steve goes to work and start getting things prepared for the day (e.g., clean up remaining dishes, prep Paxton’s meals for Mary’s house, pack the diaper bag, and get dressed…okay, full disclosure: if I’m not teaching I totally stay in yoga pants and a tank top.] Pax wakes up between 7-8 usually closer to 8AM. We play for a little bit, then I get him in the car and take him to Mary’s for the day. It’s a nice, leisurely routine. After I drop him off, I head home and work for the day (or to school depending on the quarter/day etc.).

I’ve got to be honest here~ I totally did NOT fully appreciate the awesomeness of this nice leisurely routine, until YESTERDAY.

Yesterday I had to get to campus for a meeting at 8:00AM. I’m pretty sure that is one of the first times since Pax was born that I had to be somewhere that early. Okay okay, I know 8am isn’t really THAT early…but its’ definitely a deviation from our normal routine.

I had to wake Pax up. I never have to wake him up. It was so awful and so adorable at the same time. I went in his room at about 7:15 and picked him up. He immediately cuddled back in to my shoulder. SO SWEET. Then when we were about to the car he realized he was not in his crib and whipped backward in my arms. He squinted his eyes with the light and gave me this twisted, awful, “what the heck are you doing to me woman” look. It was High-larious!!! By the time we got to Mary’s he was his happy self. But let me tell ya. It was not the most pleasant car ride. Poor confused Pax!

Needless to say, I am SO thankful that I have a Full-time job that allows me to work when I want (for the most part). I can write a paper at midnight while doing laundry. I can transcribe at 6AM. I can run over to Mary’s in the middle of the day if Pax is sick. Don’t get me wrong, I still work at least 40 hrs a week… let’s be honest, it’s probably more like 50+ but the work occurs when it fits into my life and schedule.

Today I am holding on to the true blessing of my situation. Not everyone is so blessed.


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