We spent last weekend in the mountains of New Mexico getting rejuvenated and catching up with people we love dearly.

When Steve and I lived in ATX, we had a group of people that we truly did life with. We were accountable to one another in every area of our lives. Every. Area. We didn’t hold anything back. No sin was too small or large to discuss. No problem to big or small. No joy too miniscule or grandiose. We were – and still are – family with these folks. It was such a blessing to fall back into life together. To share our joys and sorrows…To laugh together. I’ve missed it. Spending kid-free uninterrupted time with these folks was just what we needed. We were so blessed to be able to take the trip and catch up.

But now we are back to reality.

We have some amazing friend here. Truly. Amazing. We love them. But we’re not quitethere yet.

To better explain, I’m going to link to a blog I read this AM. It perfectly explains what true accountability looks like.

There are some items on her list that are true of our lives and relationships with friends right now (e.g., belief in total depravity and God’s sovereignty) and others that need some work (e.g., sharing equally and receiving words that fail).

Her words at the end really struck me…

“There have been seasons where I have had these type of people in my life and seasons where I haven’t. If you have them – praise God. Thank Him. And utilize these people and these conversations. Don’t waste your time with them – talk about Jesus, encourage one another, fight together. If you don’t have these people – pray earnestly and ask. But also seek to be the type of person that you want to find. Reach out and invest time with other people – these relationships don’t happen overnight. They take months and years and commitment.”

These words made me reflect on the fact that community like this is such an amazing blessing. We had it…and to some degree still have it, just from a far. It’s a lot tougher to pick up the phone and call, but I know my girls will always be here for me when I need them. Now I’m just hoping and praying that the deepness of relationship and transparency will develop with some of our friends here.




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One response to “Accountability

  1. Jen

    craving and praying for this is my life right now-as always.

    happy that you girls got to spend some relaxing time together. that picture in the last post is beautiful!

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