• One nap or two. We are caught in the middle right now. When Pax is home during the day, I can get two naps in…which still seems to work better. When he’s at Mary’s she can only seem to get one (longer) nap in. He always falls asleep on the car ride home and then wakes up super cranky. the next hour or so is incredibly unpleasant. For now, we’re just kind of in limbo.
  • Neighbor’s dogs… our next door neighbor has SIX. but since we talked to them about the incessant barking last year, they’ve been better. Unfortunately, another family just moved in with two dogs (a few houses down) and they leave their dogs out at all hours of the day/night. Last night they were barking continuously from 11-midnight. Yep. Fun stuff. Luckily it hasn’t disrupted the baby’s sleep (yet).
  • Steve’s working this weekend 😦 #bummer. Oh the joys of having a spouse in retail. Though, I’m not complaining (too much) b/c I’m so thankful he HAS a job. It is truly a blessing.
  • The most common question we get asked “Is he walking yet” Nope. He’s not.

Time to work on a paper while Pax naps!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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