Feta Cheese & Kalamata Olives

Saturday Pax and I went grocery shopping. On the menu for this week: Greek Panzanella Salad. Yum!

I had Pax in the cart and went to grab some olives from the salad bar area. He kind of freaked out and acted like he wanted one. I said something like “oh Pax, you won’t like those.” But then I noticed a lady next to us…felt like a bad mom for dismissing my kid…and said something like, “well, okay, you can try one when we get home”

*yes, I talk to my kid like he’s grown up even though he probably doesn’t understand half of what I’m saying

*yes, I realize that my need for approval from the random lady at the grocery story is shameful

Fast forward a few hours… I’m chopping up ingredients for the salad while Pax eats dinner. I decide to let him try a little bit of a kalamata olive. Um yeah, he gobbles it up. So then I give him feta cheese, same result. Seriously, what 14 month old likes these things? Steve doesn’t even like olives. 🙂

The moral of the story…I will try my darnedest not to tell Pax what he will and will not like. Instead, I will just let him try everything 🙂

*Side note. We have one a shopping cart cover that I bring with us to the store. It’s nice b/c Pax doesn’t put his MOUTH on the handle bar 🙂 EVERY time we go to the store, some grandma aged woman approaches me and asks where I got it. Every. Single. Time. 🙂


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