Work-Life…LIFE-work balance??

I have a full time job. I know that most of the folks who read this blog get that. Many of you are in the same boat. You’re professors (ehm, assistant and associate professors or grad students)…but I also have lots of friends and family who are not living their lives in the ivory tower. Translation: not everyone understands that professors don’t get their summers “off.” In case you are one of those folks 🙂 please know we actually work much harder (in my opinion) during the summer than other times of the year.

That said, I will concede that summer time is definitely a flexible time of year for faculty. We have the ability to work when and where we want. I’m trying really hard this year to enact a healthy work-life/life-work balance.

MWF: Write like a manic

T/Th: “Play” stay at home mom (story time at the library, trips to the park & the pool, sprinkler in the back yard, walks by the trail, coloring/painting, water games, etc.). Naptime: work on things that take time but not a ton of concentration (e.g., course prep vs. coding/writing).

Sat/Sun: Flexible. I usually try to do a few hours of work on these days when Pax is napping (especially if Steve is working on saturday).

Reflections so far: This schedule is taking some serious discipline. I have to be very focused in order to get as much done as I need to in a given week. So far, I’m really enjoying the balance. Hopefully I can keep this schedule up until mid August! Any tips about how to get in the zone and stay there are much appreciated!!


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