Odds and Ends

On Friday night Ohio and much of the midwest/east coast was hit with a massive derecho (spelling?) …essentially equivalent to a land hurricane. It was crazy. We were blessed in that everyone was safe and we didn’t have any damage to our house. BUT. We lost power friday night around 7pm and didn’t get it fully restored until Sunday night @10pm. Yeah. That was fun.

To complicate the situation, Steve’s family was in town. We ended up meeting them in Columbus and spent Saturday night there. We had planned to do all kinds of fun things like go to the zoo (too hot) and Cosi museum (didn’t open till 12:00 on Sunday)!! But unfortunately none of that worked out. It made for a bit of a disappointing weekend.

Also, I spent the entire time worried about the grass fed beef (read: expensive meat) in our deep freeze.

So apparently, the power magically came back on at 9:00AM on Sunday and then flipped back off at noon. Our elation was quickly vanquished with frustration/fear…when would it come back again?!? Luckily, by this time our neighbors got a generator and they allowed us to plug our fridge and deep freeze in (random aside, generators from Lowes are $650. They got a shipment in Mon AM of 200… they were gone with in an hour).

We had put all of our condiments in coolers on Sat AM after 12 hrs with no power~ so those seemed okay. But we ended up loosing the dairy (obviously not safe) and the food in our regular freezer. I know it could be worse, but it was still frustrating.

Steve’s folks were very generous and put us up in a hotel in Athens on Sunday night as we didn’t think we had power. It came back on at 10pm that nice, praise Jesus 🙂 We continue to have internet (just came back on) and cable issues (still not working) but at least we have A/C!!

To top things off, I have been super sick with a cold for the last week. It has literally kicked my tush. Yesterday I woke up and had to hold back tears b/c I was so upset I couldn’t sleep (coughing = no sleep!). So I loaded up the kiddo and went to urgent care. Let’s just say that codine is flipping amazing. I finally got some restful sleep last night and am feeling loads better.

Alright then, I hear a little voice calling me from his room 🙂 Okay… if I’m being honest, he was babbling away when I started this post, but I really wanted to blog a little!! I best go get my patient little squirt! Much love all.



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2 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. Hope that’s the end of the power outages for y’all! And that the cold goes away; I had a nasty bug kinda like that in Athens one time and yes, the drugs were a wonderful thing. 🙂

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