For the record…

Vacation is not good for a kiddos sleep schedule.

There are a few contributing factors
1. We went from eastern to central time zone- and now back. Thus, 8pm
Here feels like 7pm to Pax.

2. We let him stay up late to see the grandparents and (let’s be honest) because it fit our schedule better 😉

3. He had everyone looking at him telling him how cute he was for 12ish hrs a day for 8 days. What does that lead to- an attention needy kiddo 😉

4. A hotel room last night where we didn’t want him to cry and wake up the neighbors (followed by a lot of cuddle time till he was super sleepy). He usually goes down solo.

5. He slept a lot today (4hrs ish?) on the long car ride home. And was mostly inactive since he was strapped in all day.

To sum up:
In WI Pax was going to bed around 9-10ish CST
We usually put him down at 8pm est
So he was going to bed nearly 3 hrs later than usual…

So we shouldn’t be surprised when he didn’t want to go down at 830 tonight, right?

These tired parents are just a bit delusional I guess 🙂

930- still wide awake and kickin’ (figuratively, not literally thankfully ;))


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