What we’re having this week…

Sunday: Vegetable Pasta Skillet. I used Romano instead of Parmesan and added mushrooms and forgot the corn! Good dish, I’d make it again.

Monday: Red Beans & Rice in the Crockpot! I used beef sausage as the meat b/c sadly we can’t buy andouille here.
Cooked on low for 9 hrs and it was perfect!

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes to die for.

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner with our small group. I’m probably going to make banana bread. We’re having a yummy breakfast casserole too!

Thursday: Lasagna

Friday: Leftovers 🙂

ps. We don’t always make everything on the specified/planned days 🙂 but I try my best! Some days you just have to go with it… (e.g., Saturday night the plan was to cook the dinner I made Sunday night but instead we went out for “Hippie-Mexican” … and that’s an entirely different post!

Other stuff… I made a batch of tomato basil soup last night for the freezer as I’m almost out of tomatoes for the season (*SAD)… And I have a boat ton of apples to cook up into sauce, apple butter, and dried apple chips (SO good!! mom got me a dehydrator the last time we were home). I also made curried butternut squash soup for Pax’s lunches and some zucchini bread. YUM.

Steve’s lunch 😉


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