Crockpot Red Beans and Rice

it was awesome!

Monday night kicked Sunday night’s butt – this recipe is a keeper!


Ps sorry for the terrible iPhone photo- it was raining so the light was unforgiving.

Pps. Cooked on low for 9 hrs and it was perfect!
Make This!!!!



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2 responses to “Crockpot Red Beans and Rice

  1. I’m going to make this!! Looks so yummy. Thanks for posting. And by the way, I miss you. Wish we could figure out this parenthood thing together. xoxo

    • Steve & Brit

      I’m so glad! Really, it is pretty awesome. I thought the sausage might tough and tasteless after cooking so long, but it didn’t at all. It was really amazing and definitely infused with cajun flavor 🙂 I miss you too sweet girl. Wish we could live closer!

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