What we’ve been eating…

So yeah… I’m not so good on the whole “food thing” this week.

It’s been an off week from grocery store shopping to event hosting to crazy work scheduling.

Last Friday Night (oh, did anyone else just hear Katy Peri in your head…sad and embarrassing, I know.) We had a potluck/performance hour and I made the Greek Dip Platter.

Then on Saturday I hosted a baby shower. I made mini quiche…I based them on these two recipes. But the KEY to the yummy quiche was clearly adding saltines. It saved me from having to make a crust and allowed the quiche to feel more solid/set. Definitely doing that again! My ingredients included skim milk, heavy cream,eggs, saltines, sharp cheddar, romano, green onions, bacon, and green pepper.

I also made these french toast & bacon muffins. I got the idea from Iowa Girl Eats (original recipe). Here’s the thing… I tried these in mini muffin form first. I subbed out 1 tsp of maple extract for the vanilla in the batter. I also left out the bacon and followed the original recipe. EPIC FAIL. EPIC. Can not tell you how much these did not work. Don’t get me wrong, they tasted AMAZING. but the would NOT come out of the PAN!! So I tried again. This time in full muffin form WITH paper liners. Success! They were amazing. They had an angel food cake type texture. Next time, I think I’ll put only 1/2 tsp maple extract in the batter and the rest in the frosting.




Monday & Tuesday we ended up eating out.

Wednesday: Small group… Italian beef sandwiches and I made this pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Definitely “make-again-able” makeagainable as one of our friends put it 🙂 I baked it in a 9×13 instead of a sheet cake pan for approx 40ish minutes. Be sure to chill it before serving!

Wednesday Lunch: I made these yummy “chicken in a biscuit muffins” ~ essentially you make biscuit batter and press it into a sprayed muffin tin (pushing it up around the edges). Then you fill the centers with a mixture of shredded chicken, sharp white cheddar cheese & romano cheese freshly grated, mayo & sour cream, salt, pepper, & cayenne. If I had more time I would have added in some veggies too 🙂 Then you bake it off.

Thursday & Friday… still not sure!

Yep. Lame week of food!


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