What we ate…

whoops! It’s friday 🙂

I didn’t post our food from last week or this week… so here’s the recap. Honestly, more for my purposes than your’s. I’m kind of digging this whole “i have no idea what to make” “OH, just look at the menus tab on my blog!!” thing.

Last week….

Sunday/Monday: Swedish Meatballs & rice. The key here was adding pork sausage (and a bit of milk) in with the meatballs to make them tender. Pax even loved them!

Tuesday: Pea Soup and homemade bread

Wednesday: Group night… I made the main dish~ Pizza skillet. Essentially you brown up sausage (I used the kind your crumble vs. the cased kind) and set aside. At the same time, cook pasta (1lb) till al dente. Then you saute sliced onion & pepper in olive oil till they are still a bit crunchy but have a tiny give to them and toss in the garlic. Then toss in chopped up black olives (I used kalamata that’s what I had on hand),  peperoni, noodles, and 1.5 jars of spaghetti sauce. I had about 1/2 jar of homemade from the garden and then I supplemented with a jar of Prego my go to pasta sauce. Mix it all up in the pan and then grate some romano & cheddar on top. I popped my dish right into the oven and baked at 350 for approx 20ish min just to let the flavors combine. It served 7 adults with one serving left over 🙂

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday… Jalapeno popper chicken casserole. Good … RICH. I cut the jalapeno additions in half b/c I worried about Pax. It could have used the extra spice. It was amazing initially, but could have used more seasoning as leftovers. All and all though, I’d certainly make it again! The sharp cheddar made the dish 🙂 Creamy, yummy.


This past week…

Monday: Steve was off with Pax today ~ so they got some quality boy time. I also gave him the privileged (hmm…not sure he viewed it that way!) of making dinner for the family. Chicken noodle soup. But then something ridiculous happened. I was starving and didn’t think soup would fill me up. So we got fast food. Yep. This is real life folks.

Tuesday: The leftover chicken noodle soup with was really good 🙂 He added in leftover rice & potatoes YUM

Wednesday: We had “party food” appetizers for group night. Oh, I’m still paying for this. I made brown sugar & bacon lil’ smokies & provided the stuff for s’mores. Incidentally, the word s’mores comes from the idea “some more” Hmmmm of course it does! 🙂

Thursday: Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Brown Butter (a MUST) and fried Sage. I started with the ELR recipe, but it was slightly too unseasoned for my tasted. I bumped up the salt and then added in a significant amount of cinnamon (prob 2 tsp though next time I’d do even more) and some nutmeg. I had a smaller BNS so I used a bit less flour (prob 2 ish c.) and mixed until the dough came together. Yum. Can’t wait to eat this again for lunch today!

Friday: I think I’ll make tuna noodle casserole… quick & easy

I hope these menus don’t bore the 10 people who actually read this blog 🙂



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2 responses to “What we ate…

  1. Monday makes me laugh…that is definitely something that would happen at our house too:)

    • Steve & Brit

      You know, sometimes you just have to ditch the plan and go with what’s needed in the moment! Ps. LOVE Elizabeth’s room reveal. SO beautiful!! 😉

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