On Wednesday nights our small group hires two babysitters so that the adults can actually have some uninterrupted conversations about Jesus (and other stuff :)). Oh, and we can also eat hot food without share. THAT is a PLUS.

So a few weeks back… everyone leaves and I’m getting Pax ready for his bath.

Notice anything a little off here… Yeah. Thought so. HOW does that even happen on accident??

Also, how do you bring this up to the sitters….? Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

P.S. these lovely ladies love our kiddos AND they have 8 to take care of between the ages of 1.5 & 9, so  I guess they are over worked.

P.P.S. They are both in college. Mmmm Hmmm



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3 responses to “Mmm-Kay.

  1. Rach

    hahaha I looked at that and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong in that picture. 🙂 that could be a sign that my brain is shot.

    • Steve & Brit

      Look at the diaper. It’s on backwards. Like velcro on his butt not belly.
      Sorry I haven’t called you back friend. I am buried.

  2. Jen

    ha, well i will admit that i have put tucker’s diaper on backwards a time or too when totally distracted by his screaming and abbey’s non-stop requests….i figured it out eventually. we had a backwards diaper after coming home from church once too.

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