Day 4: Food… and the gift of hospitality

So… this is what I posted on FB today: Day 4: thankful for delicious food (aka bananas foster french toast!) and the tools and (learned) skills to cook it 🙂

After posting it, I realized it may have come off a bit arrogant and that was totally not intended. What I really wanted to convey was that I am SO incredibly thankful that God 1). gives us our daily bread both in His Word and also in edible food 🙂 and 2). gave me the gift of hospitality.

Now, hospitality isn’t often one of the gifts people pray to receive. It’s not real fancy 🙂 But that’s what I love about it. I honestly can’t think of anything I love more… (well, aside from Jesus & my fam!) than having friends (or even strangers) over for a home cooked meal.

When we lived in Austin, we always fed the “grad student orphans” aka…those who didn’t have a place to eat on the holidays. We had Thanksgiving every year we were there and Easter brunch. OH EASTER brunch. Picture 27 people in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. It was cramped, but the food was yummy and the company, well, they were amazing.

But I digress.
I am so SO thankful that Jesus blessed me with a Love for serving people with food, that He gave me the ability to do it well, AND that He blessed me by allowing me to enjoy doing it! 🙂



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