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Electronics should run & hide from me…

So after my mac decided to quit on me, [men who are not fathers, you might want to quit reading here], my breast pump also died. Seriously? In order to remedy these situations, we took a trip up to the big C town yesterday. Trips to Columbus are always a whirlwind of adventure. Yesterday we visited the Apple Store, BRU, and Sams … oh and maybe Anne Taylor Loft. :0)

On the bright side of things, it’s only going to cost $310 to fix the laptop 🙂 Yay!

AND, the breast pump was under warrranty, so I will be reimbursed for the first one YAY!


Steve decided that he needed to protect my remaining functioning electronic devices so he promptly bought me an Otterbox. Supposedly these particular iphone cases are indestructible. I’m such a klutz. The fact I haven’t broken my phone yet is a miracle! We’re hoping that Mr. Otter helps keep my phone in tact while all other technology around me dies!

Plus is Pink. Nuff said. (Photo credit)

In other unrelated news, I think it’s super cute how Ohioans think it’s hot outside. It’s definitely Ohio hot, but people are completely loosing their minds about the heat. It’s suppose to be 105 today (heat index). The summer we moved to ATX it was at least that hot for months on end. Some times it’s nice to have that Texas blood in you!! 🙂

Stay cool!


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Things I forgot that I DON’T like about living in the north…


Salt. Road salt is not fun.

It’s not good for the cars… it makes them rust. It gets your windshield dirty. It makes your garage look like it’s been white washed. It’s just not cool.

It’s not good for your CLOTHES. And this is the one that really bugs me… Living in ATX for four years made me forget how much more laundry you do living in the north. See, if you don’t wash the salt rings out of your jeans (pretty much immediately) ~ the salt literally EATS the pants. I remember when I was in high school I used to have jeans that had a rounded piece missing from the back of each pant leg. It looked like I just ‘cut’ a half circle off my pants… but no… it was just the salt disingrating the material on it’s own!

This salt eating pants thing is probably a foreign concept for those of you who live in southern climates. Especially ATX since it pretty much never snows there…and when it does they throw sand, not salt, on the roads 🙂

Anyway, that’s my sweet rant for the day.
But it’s okay… I can deal with the salt b/c I truly enjoy what comes before it. The beautiful white fluffy happy lovely SNOW!


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