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Great Song and even Better Meaning

Brittany and I went to a rodeo in the spring of 2009 and we had a great time.  We heard this song live and it blew me away.  Simply a great song, great singer and even better message.


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1st post by sp

Ya, my post does not involve pictures.  Britt has been taking all kinds of pictures since we arrived and I will let her do all that fun stuff.  I hope everyone is doing great back home.  At this point of our stay we are simply trying to get used to the local customs and logistics of Britt’s research agenda.  Jan (the vice-dean/associate professor at the University) has been very accommodating including bringing us up to his family cabin and lining up some research interviews for Britt.  Thank you all (family and friends) for being interested in what we are doing over here in Norway.  You all mean so much to us!


Steve P

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