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Badger game


So… I’m working on figuring out how to upload a blog post from my phone. I’ve figured out how to load photos… but I’m not sure what size they will be πŸ™‚ Bear with me!

Steve, Pax & I made the LONG trek back to Wisco this weekend to go to the much anticipated Badger vs. Husker game. It was AWE- SOME. Seriously. The last game we went to was with Wisco played Michigan maybe 5 yrs ago and it was a back and forth shoot out all night. the game ended with badger fans rushing the field. It was epic. This game wasn’t quite as epic as that one, but it was still pretty freaking amazing.

We left little man with Steve’s mom, Grandma TT, and headed out to tailgate.

On the way we saw this guy and I had to take a photo for our good friends who are huge Nebraska fans!



Steve and I were super pumped to actually have a date night. And what a date night it was!!


We sat next to some pretty cool people. πŸ™‚


And our seats… well, they were unreal. We were in the “6th” row…but really, we were right in the front row. There was a tarp that stretched from our seats down to the field. So there weren’t any people in front of us. Granted, we couldn’t see what was going on on the other side of the field, but ‘eh, whatever. We just watched it on the big screen πŸ™‚



This is a terrible Iphone shot… but it’s a “zoomed in” version of the field from our perspective. We were that close.


Final Score!!!


I really love this guy!! πŸ™‚ It got pretty cold out… mid 40s. Not the kind of weather we’re used to any more!!



Our trip was definitely a whirlwind visit. We left on thurs night around 7 & drove till midnight. Then we were up again and drove for 5 more hours on Friday AM. We spent Saturday with family and the game. Sunday AM we got back on the road and headed home.

Pax even helped drive for a bit. He was pretty pre-occupied with the po po so he decided to let daddy drive most of the way home.

*Just Kidding* Clearly, we’re at a gas station here. I’m a crazy rule follower and fan of safety measures. Little man stayed securely strapped in the whole time (much to his dismay I might add). All in all, and amazing trip! “When you say Wisconsin, You’ve said it all” πŸ™‚




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Wisconsin Christmas in Photos

7 days, 367 pictures, 16 hrs of driving, and 168 hrs of fun!

Here are some of the shots we took when we were home for Christmas this year! There will be three separate posts, one for each of the family gatherings!

Steve & I under my parent’s Christmas tree! Steve’s sporting an Ohio University sweatshirt while I’m rocking my longhorns hoodie.

My cousins drove up for the day! It was totally awesome to see them all again! From left to right (front) Me, Emmie, Shelly (back) Steve, Dustin, Andy πŸ™‚ We had a blast reminiscing about the “good ‘ole days” at Rugotska family Christmas gatherings!

Beautiful private drive near my parents home.

The guys checking out the new deck on the original lodge (this building is over 100 yrs old!)

Awh! Cousins~ born just a few days apart!

Just loved the snow

Steve was COLD!!!

Pre-church Christmas shot. Not sure what Mokey’s looking @ in this photo… πŸ™‚

Me & Grandmother

Paul & I in front of the gorgeous fireplace

We coordinated!

Me & my awesome grandparents!

Steve rocking the bows. I’m sure he’s going to LOVE that I posted this pic πŸ™‚

Mom & Dad got us Ohio gear! Thanks guys! Go Bobcats!

The morning of Christmas ~ Mom & I got up early to bake Christmas Cookies before Steve & I headed down to the Camps. It was a lot of fun. Mom said that the cookies were gone w/in a few hours πŸ™‚ Guess they were yummy! Gotta Love SUGAR COOKIES!

We had so much fun visiting with my family~ can’t wait to go back & see them again!

Round two of pics coming soon….

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Only in Wisconsin…

I learned several things on our trip home to Wisconsin this year…

  • It did not take long to get my Wisconsin accent back. I spent most of the week oscillating between my “Texas” and “Wisconsin” accents. It was actually pretty annoying b/c I was aware of how I sounded every darn minute of the day. If I said something with a Texas twang, my WI friends made fun of me. If I said something with a WI tinge, my husband called me on it.
  • Once a winter weather driver, always a winter weather driver. I’ve got to be honest, I was a bit worried about driving on the snow covered & slippery roads. Turns out, driving in the snow is like riding a bike! You really don’t forget how to do it even if it’s been four years. Steve was the one driving in the worst of it, but I did drive several times in the snow while we were there (successfully, w/o crashing).
  • I do, in fact, miss the snow.

We also saw several crazy things that you’ll only see in Wisconsin, I promise (well… maybe in other frozen, midwestern states as well…):

  1. Crazy truckers passing on SINGLE lane highways in freezing sleet/snow/ice
  2. A guy up on his roof, shoveling the snow off, on Christmas morning.
  3. Liquor bottles in the check out lanes of the grocery store (caveat: this only seems to happen up north though).
  4. People wearing jeans to church on Christmas Eve.
  5. Frozen puppies. Dogs have to pee REALLY quickly or their short little legs will freeze up. I am not kidding this actually happens. Frozen legs = no pee = another trip out in the freezing cold!
  6. Friends/family being appalled that we didn’t make plans to watch the Packer game. I really hate that we didn’t get to watch the whole game, BUT we’re so darn used to missing it 😦 we figured what was one more game? In the end, we did get to catch the 2nd half! What was funny about this was the sheer shock in the voices of family members when we admitted we were “plan-less”

Hmm… I could probably go on, but that’s enough for today πŸ™‚

Here’s a few shots I took while in the frozen tundra. Hope you like them!

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16 hrs aound the great state of Wisco

Steve and I thought we’d take a shot in front of our tree before we leave for the holidays. This is the first Christmas we’ll have spent in WI since 2006 (the year we were married!) The last several years, we’ve been in ATX for the holidays and loving every minute of it. But it’s been tough to be away from friends, family, and loved ones knowing that they were all together (without us).

Monday we’ll embark on our *16 hour tour of the state. Note: the * is an indication of projected not actual travel times… mapquest does NOT include the weather predictions in it’s calculations…

It’s not suppose to snow on Monday (fingers crossed) so we should be able to make it through Ohare into Madison….and then the madness ensues.

Dec 21: Depart ATX 6:30am, arrive in Madison 11:00am (NO DELAYS PLEASE!) I know…wishful thinking… we ARE flying through Chicago… so an on time flight is unlikely, but I’m staying optimistic. Lunch with Teresa & Grandma Sally The rest of the day we’ll hang out with Steve’s mom & Don. Might get a chance to meet up with Steve’s buddy Ben that night.

Dec 22: IF all goes according to plan… visit with our friend Kim & then drive up to Black River Falls & visit with my brother. Continue on to Lakewood, WI (6 hrs of driving today).

Dec 23-24: Hang out with my folks (grandparents & uncle) up in the ‘nort’ woods. Should be relaxing.

Dec 25: depart lakewood in the AM toward Janesville, WI (approx 4 hrs…with no snow… right now they are forcasting snow on Christmas day). We’ll spend the day with Steve’s mom’s family (the ‘camps’ and then head back to Madison for the night).

Dec 26: depart for Prairie du Sac, WI (45 min), the ride with the Peterson clan from Prairie du Sac to Stoughton (and back again) about 2 hrs round trip.We’ll be spending the day with Steve’s dad’s side of the family celebrating Christmas! It will be fun to have 3 christmases in a row.

Dec 27: back to madison mid afternoon, visit with my cousins & aunt and uncle in Madison~ and hopefully we Jackie & Corey that night.

Dec 28: head back to ATX.

It’s going to be a whirlwind trip. Hoping for a good one!

So that’s our 16 hour trip (if all goes smoothly & according to plan)~ which we know it never does.

Amidst the chaos, we will be remembering the Incarnation of Christ. We will try to display HIS glory to those we ‘meet’ along the way. How blessed we are that Christ sent His son into the world to be God with us, Immanuel. We pray that you all have safe travels & a very merry CHRISTmas this holiday. Blessings to you and yours. Love SP & BP

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It’s a crazy life

I feel like every time I post lately, I have to apologize for not posting for a long time! So, I’m sorry, again πŸ™‚

It’s been a crazy life these past few weeks filled with job applications, teaching prep, and praying that I would get approval to conduct my dissertation research. Well, good news! I finally got approval from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) to conduct research!!! YAY! So excited πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to get the official approval letter & find out where I’m going. I had requested a few different prisons, but they pretty much just place you in whichever prison they see as most appropriate/willing. It’s going to be a busy Nov/Dec.

Teachingwise, I’m giving an exam on Monday & I still have some edits to make~ so that will be consuming the rest of my day. Not too shaby though. It’s nice to teach a course that I’ve taught before… makes life a lot less stressful.
Looking forward to the holidays as we’ve booked a trip home to WI. Should be a good end to a great year.

That’s the scoop for now… Here are a few random shots … things that I’m looking forward to when we go home for christmas this year!!!

Beautiful sunsets @ the lake….


Seeing my Mokey!


Isn’t she cute :0)


Seeing my Dad πŸ™‚ He’s very proud of that Longhorns shirt!


Awh! Hugs!

and Laughs…


And nature….


Looking forward to a great trip home in a few months!

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Celebrating 3 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Years of Wedded Bliss Today!

God is so good. Three years ago today, I walked down the aisle & was greet by the one I love. It’s so neat to reminisce on that day and the amazing joy the filled my heart. I remember getting up EARLY and heading to Walmart with a few of my bridesmaids to get a crochet hook….so I could get out of (I mean, ehm ehm, into) my dress. It was one of those dresses with all of the buttons on the back. The hook was very necessary!


I remember heading to the church and all of a sudden realizing that the photographer was missing. I had the wrong church on our contract & I had updated her via email, but she looked at the contract that day. Our cell phones had been shut off (and changed to TX numbers) so she couldn’t even reach us when she realized she was in the wrong place. Poor Maureen!!! In spite of all the stress we probably caused her that day, she took the most AMAZING photographs ~ and even stayed a few extra hours out of the kindness of her heart. You can check out her website here. I HIGHLY recommend her for those in the WI area πŸ™‚


We had three verses in our ceremony~ and I still happy with our choices to this day.

OT reading~ Song of Songs 8:6-7a

6 Place me like a seal over your heart,Β  like a seal on your arm;Β  for love is as strong as death,Β  its jealousy unyielding as the grave.Β  It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. 7 Many waters cannot quench love;Β  rivers cannot wash it away.

NT reading~ Colossians 3:12-17

12Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

15Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. 16Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. 17And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Gospel reading~ Mark 10:6-9

6“But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ 7‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, 8and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one. 9Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to Chris Tomlin’s Indescribable, and I walked down to his How Great is Our God. Little did we know that we would meet the man, and be able to praise God with him as our worship leader a few short months later…

It was hot in the church, but Steve & I had just come from Austin (where it was like 100+)…so it didn’t feel quite as bad to us as it did to our guests. I think the temp that day was in the 90s. Needless to say we ALL were glowing… or is it glistening?

Steve’s great uncle, Monsignor Father Tom performed the service and did a wonderful job. I was so excited when he finally pronounced us man & wife. When we got out of the sanctuary, Steve picked me up & spun me around~ it was just awesome.

I could go on forever, but I’ll leave it at this… God is so good. He has a plan for our lives and I’m so blessed that the plan included bringing this amazing husband into my life to love me and lead me.



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Wisconsin Words

  • Misewell

Pronounced “Mys-well”

Translation: Wisconsinite speak for “Might as well”No joke, I just spent about a minute on Microsoft word spell check trying to spell “mys-well” or “miswell” correctly before I realized I made it up!

Example: I miswell just pick up Taco Cabana for dinner tonight because there’s no time to cook.

  • Bubbler

Translation: Wisconsinite speak for drinking fountain.

Example: I had a spanish teacher once who thought that a bubbler was the urinal in the boys bathroom πŸ™‚ it was quite funny. The little boy in our class asked her if he could go to the bubbler and she said yes, of course. Then a little girl asked her if she could go to the bubbler and the teacher got this disgusted look on her face and exclaimed what are you planning to do in there!

check out the ‘official’ backstory on wikipedia!

  • You Guys

Southern form of Y’all ~ used to refer to men, women, children, pets etc. Anyone can be included in ‘you guys’.

Example: You guys ready to go yet? What did you guys do last night?

Add’l forms: “you guyses” (pronounced you-guys-is) example: what’s you guyses plans for tomrrow night?

  • Pop

Translation: soda or “coke” as the southerns call it. Any form of carbonated beverage.

Origins: comes from the traditional ‘soda pop’ from the 50s (I am totally making that part up, but it makes sense right?)

Example: Hey Britt, grab me a pop out of the fridge!

  • Don’t cha know

Translation: are you aware that, are you aware of the fact that, do you know. Can be used as a question, or a statement of fact

Example:The tractor’s over there don’t cha know

  • Comere once

Pronounciation: come here once (all slurred together)

Translation: I would like you to come over here and look at what I’m doing right now, OR please come over here for one second so I can show you something

Example: Steve, comere once, I’ve got to show you what I just saw on Facebook.

  • We

We is a word that many people are very familiar with, however, what you don’t know is that in WI the word “WE” refers to the Packers.

Example: “We are doing real well this season, let’s just hope Rogers can keep it up”, “We better win this one”, “We can’t take one more loss”, “We’re going to kick the Viking’s [insert profanity here] this week”

  • Da Pack

No one’s going on a trip….

Definition: Da Pack = The Green Bay Packers…

Example: Who’s your favorite team~ Da Pack. Who’s going to win the game this weekend, da pack.

  • Brat

Pronounciation: say the ‘a’ like you would say the ‘a’ in a women’s under garment ~ Br-ah-t. Also known as “Bratwurst”

Definition: delicious but absolutely non-nutritious type of sausage. Eatten like a hot dog. You really don’t want to know what’s in one of these puppies. Just eat & enjoy. Traditionally wisconsinites boil the brats in beer & onions prior to grilling & then serve them loaded (sauerkraut and all of the rest of the fixings).

Example: We’re grilling burgers & brats for the big game today.

That’s all for now, I’m sure we have more weird words… but I can’t think of any othersΒ  today. Let me know if you think of some, I’d love to hear them!!!


While I was blogging this, Steve was reading foxnews (go figure) πŸ™‚ and noticed this story. Yes folks, Wisconsin makes the national news for some crazy reasons…Ah the wienermobile.,2933,533681,00.html?test=latestnews


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