16 hrs aound the great state of Wisco

Steve and I thought we’d take a shot in front of our tree before we leave for the holidays. This is the first Christmas we’ll have spent in WI since 2006 (the year we were married!) The last several years, we’ve been in ATX for the holidays and loving every minute of it. But it’s been tough to be away from friends, family, and loved ones knowing that they were all together (without us).

Monday we’ll embark on our *16 hour tour of the state. Note: the * is an indication of projected not actual travel times… mapquest does NOT include the weather predictions in it’s calculations…

It’s not suppose to snow on Monday (fingers crossed) so we should be able to make it through Ohare into Madison….and then the madness ensues.

Dec 21: Depart ATX 6:30am, arrive in Madison 11:00am (NO DELAYS PLEASE!) I know…wishful thinking… we ARE flying through Chicago… so an on time flight is unlikely, but I’m staying optimistic. Lunch with Teresa & Grandma Sally The rest of the day we’ll hang out with Steve’s mom & Don. Might get a chance to meet up with Steve’s buddy Ben that night.

Dec 22: IF all goes according to plan… visit with our friend Kim & then drive up to Black River Falls & visit with my brother. Continue on to Lakewood, WI (6 hrs of driving today).

Dec 23-24: Hang out with my folks (grandparents & uncle) up in the ‘nort’ woods. Should be relaxing.

Dec 25: depart lakewood in the AM toward Janesville, WI (approx 4 hrs…with no snow… right now they are forcasting snow on Christmas day). We’ll spend the day with Steve’s mom’s family (the ‘camps’ and then head back to Madison for the night).

Dec 26: depart for Prairie du Sac, WI (45 min), the ride with the Peterson clan from Prairie du Sac to Stoughton (and back again) about 2 hrs round trip.We’ll be spending the day with Steve’s dad’s side of the family celebrating Christmas! It will be fun to have 3 christmases in a row.

Dec 27: back to madison mid afternoon, visit with my cousins & aunt and uncle in Madison~ and hopefully we Jackie & Corey that night.

Dec 28: head back to ATX.

It’s going to be a whirlwind trip. Hoping for a good one!

So that’s our 16 hour trip (if all goes smoothly & according to plan)~ which we know it never does.

Amidst the chaos, we will be remembering the Incarnation of Christ. We will try to display HIS glory to those we ‘meet’ along the way. How blessed we are that Christ sent His son into the world to be God with us, Immanuel. We pray that you all have safe travels & a very merry CHRISTmas this holiday. Blessings to you and yours. Love SP & BP


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